Leaders: Gary Baker 020-8764-2882 Duncan Hold 020-8679-6779

Meetings: Thursday 7:00 - 9:00 in Reg Woolmer Hall

Welcome to the 23rd Mitcham Scouts

Scouts meet every Thursday at the Reg Woolmer Hall 7.00pm - 9.00pm

As a rule we do not run Scouts during the summer, Christmas or Easter holidays.

The troop has two leaders:            Gary Baker SL                   020-8764-2882

                                                       Duncan Hold ASL             020-8679-6775 


Subs are £20 per half term payable the first night back at the beginning of the term. Payment may be in cash or by cheque payable to '23rd MITCHAM SCOUTS'. Receipts are issued for all payments. 

Scouts are a uniformed organisation and this is expected to be worn on all suitable occasions.

At Thursday troop meetings full uniform is to be worn  and we advise that a change of clothes is brought along so that expensive uniform does not get damaged during games or training.

Other occasions require the wearing of 'full uniform’; this consists of the green shirt, group scarf, Navy or black (school) trousers navy or black skirts for the girls(optional trousers or skirt) and black shoes.

The training programme for the Scout Section is split into five badges: Membership Badge, Scout Award, Pathfinder Award, Explorer Award and Chief Scouts Award. In addition there are Proficiency Badges for scouts outside interests such as Sportsman, Cyclist, Computers and First Aid. Each week there is a portion of the meeting for training and we aim to present badges to scouts the week after they are gained. 

We have Two Main Parade’s a year that all the Scouts are expected to attend in full uniform. 

  • St Georges Day
  • Remembrance Sunday

We have, on average, a weekend activity every five weeks. This activity may be a troop event such as Camping, Youth Hostelling or Hiking or a District organised event such as sports competitions, camping competitions, quiz night or orienteering. We also send a note home to parents before each activity.

The 23rd Mitcham is one of the 15 Troops in Wimbledon & Wandle District covering Mitcham Wimbledon and Morden.

If you have any questions or problems at any time please phone Gary

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